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 The Stuxnet Source Code Available Online!

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PostSubyek: The Stuxnet Source Code Available Online!   Tue Jul 05, 2011 2:50 am

available online. For educational or R&D purpose only! Yes, this is decompiled using the Hex-Rays decompiler.

Stuxnet is a Microsoft Windows computer worm discovered in July 2010 that targets industrial software and equipment. While it is not the first time that crackers have targeted industrial systems,it is the first discovered malware that spies on and subverts industrial systems,and the first to include a programmable logic controller (PLC) rootkit.

Stuxnet is designed to programmatically alter Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) used in those facilities. In an ICS environment, the PLCs automate industrial type tasks such as regulating flow rate to maintain pressure and temperature controls.

Stuxnet targeted five Iranian organizations, with the probable target widely suspected to be uranium enrichment infrastructure in Iran; Symantec noted in August 2010 that 60% of the infected computers worldwide were in Iran. Siemens stated on November 29 that the worm has not caused any damage to its customers, but the Iran nuclear program, which uses embargoed Siemens equipment procured clandestinely, has been damaged by Stuxnet

Download Stuxnet source code [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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The Stuxnet Source Code Available Online!
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